What happens during a Healing Touch session?

Before your first Healing Touch session there is a consultation during which the Practitioner will ask a series of questions to help understand you better. This is also an opportunity to answer any questions you may have about Healing Touch.

Depending on your circumstance, you will then be seated on a chair or laying on a massage table, fully clothed. The Practitioner will assess your energy system using a pendulum and their hands. Working with the intention of providing an outcome for your highest good, the Practitioner gently places their hands above or on your body. A session is generally 40 to 60 minutes.

A heart-centred caring relationship is formed between the Practitioner and the client, where they come together energetically to facilitate health and healing.

Most recipients of Healing Touch express a feeling of deep relaxation and a sense of peace during and after a session. Being in such a state of deep relaxation enables a restorative flow of energy to connect at a cellular level creating greater harmony and the ability to ‘let go’. Commonly there is a cumulative effect of using Healing Touch, therefore regular sessions are recommended.

We invite you to watch a video (below) of Healing Touch Instructor, Susan Ashton, as she and her colleagues share their experiences, and demonstrate how Healing Touch can complement mainstream healthcare.

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