Membership Benefits

The Australian Foundation for Healing Touch Inc (AFHT) invites graduates of our Unit 1 – Foundations of Healing Touch course to join our membership and become a valuable addition to our organisation. We currently have a strong membership base throughout Australia.

Those who elect to continue their Healing Touch studies can access many benefits including:

How to Join

Completion of Unit 1

If you have completed the Unit 1 Foundations of Healing Touch course you are eligible to become an AFHTI member.



AFHT offers special events nationwide designed to give members and guests an opportunity to meet, experience, share and enjoy.


We provide and facilitate training with an emphasis on the support of our members and ongoing research.

Exclusive Resources

Access to our Member Zone packed full of industry news, resources, documents and event invitations.


We're here to help

For assistance or more information on becoming a member of the Foundation, contact

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