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Healing Touch: Inspiring Wellness through Energy Therapy

Australian Foundation for Healing Touch Inc is a non-profit membership and educational organisation established in 1997 to administer and coordinate the expansion of Healing Touch in Australia.

Experience a treatment first hand

Healing Touch uses gentle touch to assist in balancing the human energy system, specifically the energy field that surrounds the body and the energy centres that control the flow from the energy field to the physical body.

Originally founded as a continuing education program for nurses, massage therapists and other health care professionals, today Healing Touch is taught in universities, medical and nursing schools and other settings around the world.

Practitioner Directory

Find a Healing Touch practitioner near you – search by qualification and location.

Healing Touch FAQs

Discover more about what Healing Touch is as we answer common questions.


Tap into a wealth of information from across the globe.

Healing Touch education and training

AFHT courses are led by Certified Healing Touch Instructors who are highly trained and bring their own clinical experience to provide treatment context.

Courses are held in venues across Australia.


Expanding Healing Touch in Australia

Local Support Groups

Access to our Member Zone packed full of industry news, resources, documents and event invitations.

Education & Resources

We provide and facilitate training with an emphasis on the support of our members and ongoing research.


AFHT offers special events nationwide designed to give members and guests an opportunity to meet, experience, share and enjoy.

I find the HT techniques to be gentle, effective, and non invasive. These treatments target the underlying source(s) of un-wellness, and as such I have derived great benefit from them.
Port Macquarie
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