History of Healing Touch

Healing Touch stems from the work of Northern American nurse Janet Mentgen (RN, BSN) who began practicing energy-based care in 1980. It was first taught in Australia by Mary Jo Bulbrook (RN, Ed.D) and Donna Duff (LPN) in 1993. The program continues to grow and is supported by Certified Healing Touch Practitioners and Instructors throughout Australia.

Healing Beyond Borders is an international non-profit organisation established to administer the Healing Touch certification process for both Practitioners and Instructors. The International Standards of Practice, the Code of Ethics and Research are additional foci of Healing Beyond Borders.

Healing Touch is taught and practiced in Australia, North America, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, South Africa and parts of Central and South America.

There are over 100 successfully completed research projects to date with more in progress, bringing forward the evidence of the effectiveness of the work.

This dedicated team of inspired and professional Practitioners and Instructors are making a difference in the world of healthcare.

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