My Healing Touch Journey – Dawn Stead

In the year 2000, when I was 50 years of age, I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and needed both my hips replaced. After the operations, 4 months apart, I managed to go back to work as an E N in Day Surgery and it was there that a flier came around for a “Stress Management Workshop”. I realised I had hit the wall and needed to get up and get moving on learning to heal myself physically, mentally and spiritually.

It was at this workshop that I was introduced to the Holistic Nurses from Grafton. I just envied their knowledge for relaxing by meditation and basically having the skills to look after oneself.

So from there I inquired and found Rosalie in my area and she introduced me to Healing Touch. I remember saying to Rosalie that I wasn’t interested in doing the whole programme, I just wanted to learn the skills to be able to look after myself.

In 2006 I completed my Unit 1 at Ballina and continued through to Unit 5 in 2014, finishing my Certification in 2015.

It has been a very positive time for me, learning to ground myself, stop and take care of myself personally and then be able to share my knowledge with others.

As an AFHTI member I have attended many conferences, coordinated the local group, helped at workshops and I am now also a Council Member.

It is great to meet like-minded people from all over Australia and realise we have one thing in common, Healing Touch, and as a big group we are spreading the word.

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