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We are a non-profit membership organisation formed to administer and
coordinate the expansion of Healing Touch
in Australia.

Affiliated with Healing Beyond Borders.

what is healing touch?


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Healing Touch is an energy-based therapeutic approach to healing and caring. It is a philosophy and a sacred healing art, which can easily be integrated with other forms of healthcare to facilitate healing and quality of life.

Healing Touch is used in hospitals, private clinics and in the family home, offering increased relaxation, pain relief and reduction of anxiety and stress.

Courses are open to any individual who wishes to develop an indepth understanding and practice of healing work using energy-based principles.

AFHT Inc was formed in 1997 and provides:
- courses* and practitioner development
- member support
- scholarship funding for training and research projects
- volunteer network to expand the work of Healing Touch.

*the Healing Beyond Borders Certificate educational program

Quality of body. Quality of mind. Quality of spirit.

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