Healing Touch Code of Ethics

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The Healing Beyond Borders Code of Ethics is embraced by all Healing Touch practitioners in Australia.

Healing Touch provides care and comfort to an individual through balancing the Energy System, thereby helping the client to self heal.

It is based on a heart-centred caring relationship in which the healer and client come together energetically to facilitate the client's health and healing. This is done through an analysis of the energetic system of the client.

The Healing Touch practitioner operates from an International Code of Ethics within International Standards of Practice as outlined by Healing Beyond Borders Inc (www.healingbeyondborders.com).

The person is not discriminated against because of race, sex, creed, religious beliefs, illness, social/cultural situation or sexual orientation. The client's humanness is to be respected at all times as the person is considered whole and holy.

He/she is part of a unit such as a family or support network system. This unit is to be considered in understanding the health/healing need of the person. The individual rights are upheld at all times. The explanation given to the client is individualized according to the expressed need, context and personal situation. The explanation about the treatment should be conveyed at the level of the client's understanding.

The client's choices regarding health care are to be honoured. Interventions are based on energetic findings from a prior assessment of the Energy System followed by evaluation.

All treatment findings are documented appropriately and in detail specific to the practitioner's background and under the guidelines of Healing Touch practice.

Confidentiality of the client is to be respected at all times and data is stored in such a way as to protect the anonymity of the person. This data will not be used beyond the caring for the client unless permission is obtained in writing from the client.

Energy is offered only for the benefit of the client and in accord with the principle: do not harm.

Conditions where limited ability to make one's own judgments, such as those very sick, and those with impaired decision-making ability, are approached appropriately.

Clients are referred to appropriate health care professionals as needed.

Practitioners practice Healing Touch within the scope of one's background and training that complements the Healing Touch practice. She /he meets all obligations required by that background.

The Healing Touch practitioner assumes accountability for his/her actions with conscious intent to facilitate health and healing for the client. Good judgment and appropriate touch is to be used at all times with any therapeutic application.

The Healing Touch practitioner shall use good judgment regarding the application of the Healing Touch therapies.

Healing Touch practitioners provide a safe, clear boundary environment. Touch is appropriate for client needs and is non-sexual. Clients are clothed except in therapy contexts involving physical or medical interventions requiring appropriate draping. Healing Touch practitioners shall wear appropriate clothing at all times.

The Healing Touch practitioner obtains supervision and consultation as needed.

• participates in maintaining high standards of practice
• practices under the Healing Beyond Boarders Code of Ethics
• contributes to the ongoing development of Healing Touch
• represents Healing Touch to the public accordingly
• provides information about Healing Touch and the International Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics for Healing Touch practitioners to the public at large.

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